Miami Swim Week 2018

This July, PARAISO Fashion Fair debuts in Miami Beach, the ultimate destination for resort, swim, fashion and lifestyle industries. A multi-day fashion fair taking over Collins Park and the surrounding area.


KAOHS | Miami Swim Week 2018

Baes and Bikinis took crochet to the next level with a mixture of sexy and modern styles

California-based swimwear brand, Baes and Bikinis showcased 2019 collection at the Paraiso Tent during Miami Swim Week on Thursday, July 12th. Inspired by the Greek Islands, the Bahamas, Hawaii and Malibu, Baes and Bikinis will debut a sexy swimwear line with plenty of knits, crochet, and delicate details.


Baes and Bikinis | Miami Swim Week 2018

KAOHS offered edge and functionality with free spirited aesthetic

KAOHS Swim was born in 2013 when two girls, Tess Hamilton and Ali Hoffmann, came together to curate a line of swimwear inspired by SKATE, BOHO AND SURF.


KAOHS | Miami Swim Week 2018

Monica Hansen kicked off the runways at the Paraiso Fashion Fair at Collins Park

Monica Hansen Beachwear was the first brand to officially kick off the runways at the Paraiso Fashion Fair at Collins Park on July 12, 2018. The inspiration for this collection comes from the 80s and 90s - it's a very sporty collection but also elegant. This was Monica Hansen's runway debut as a designer.


Monica Hansen | Miami Swim Week 2018

Agua Bendita took us to the garden of marvelous, scented flowers with mythical creatures

Millions of years ago it all started and everything coexisted in harmony and balance. Divine beings strolled around with mythical creatures in a garden of marvelous, scented flowers. 
This is T H E O R I G I N. Our mission is to take you there, where you can find your essence and appreciate nature, your nature.


Agua Bendita | Miami Swim Week 2018

Stone Fox Swim inspired by sun kissed summer days, salty hair and sandy toes

Stone Fox Swim debuted their Fall 2018 Collection Runway Show during Miami Swim Week on Saturday, July 14th. Stone Fox Swim's roots lie in California beach culture and are inspired by the beer and bonfire girl - by sun kissed summer days, salty hair and sandy toes.


Stone Fox Swim | Miami Swim Week 2018

Freedom to live in the moment in KYA Swim

KYA Swim wrapped up Paraiso Fashion Fair presenting their Spring 2019 Collection on Sunday, July 15th. KYA swim has emerged from its former KOA profile to provide an even more unique feel to its sophisticated swimwear.


KYA Swim | Miami Swim Week 2018

MIKOH transported everyone to the islands

MIKOH started the show by transporting everyone to the islands 🌴. The blowing of the conch shell was the official beginning of the runway show followed by beautiful Tahitian dancers wearing MIKOH.


MIKOH | Miami Swim Week 2018

Isabeli Fontana opened Sinesia Karol fashion show

Isabeli Fontana is highlight in the Sinesia Karol fashion show, opening and closing the 2019 summer presentation of the brand.


Sinesia Karol | Miami Swim Week 2018

Acacia's girls walking down the runway with sweeping view

ACACIA presented their Spring 2019 runway collection and the best yet on Saturday, July 14th at 11 11 parking garage. Acacia is a collection of swim and ready to wear inspired by love of travel and the beaches.


ACACIA | Miami Swim Week 2018

Montce fit-focused swimwear inspiring confidence and compliments

Montce Swim presented their Spring 2019 swim collection on July 15th at Paraiso Fashion Fair. Growing up in South Florida and regularly travelling to Central America, Alexandra Grief was inspired by the vibrant beach culture she experienced and eventually founded Montce in 2009. Alexandra set out to create a fit-focused swim line that would inspire confidence and compliments.


Montce | Miami Swim Week 2018

MAAJI said it out loud: que VIVA LA VIDA

Maaji believe Life’s is MAAJICAL and proved it with their Spring'19 collection presented on July 15th. WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE? Come on, feel the MAAJINESS of LIFE, today and always we say it loud: sue VIVA LA VIDA.


Maaji | Miami Swim Week 2018

Aguaclara Swimwear inspired by Amazonian exuberance

The Aguaclara 2019 collection inspired by Amazonian exuberance, proposes a complete day and night summer concepts. Offers a unique lifestyle for the beach and summer nights, where bikinis, one-pieces and sophisticated beach gowns complement each other and can be taken straight from the beach to be used for warm, summer evenings, parties by the pool and exclusive beach gatherings.


Aguaclara | Miami Swim Week 2018

Monday Swimwear founders, Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are known for their strong advocacy of body positivity

Monday Swimwear founders, Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are known for their strong advocacy of body positivity. Acting as inspiration to millions of women across the world, Natasha and Devin created Monday Swimwear as a continuation of their goal to instill confidence and power within their female audience.


Monday Swimwear | Miami Swim Week 2018

Luli Fama explored the magical mix of colors and sounds

Internationally known swimwear brand, Luli Fama, debuted their 2019 collection "Wapisima". Marking their 11th consecutive runway show, the collection showcased a variety of looks that were bold, bright, flirty, and undeniably feminine.

Luli Fama | Miami Swim Week 2018