Todd Snyder presented the concept of what the modern gentleman would wear

There was incredible variety in the designs presented at the Todd Snyder Fall/Winter 2016 collection at NYFW but the designs all had one thing in common: they presented the concept of what the modern gentleman would wear. 

A wide range of colors were utilized in this collection but Snyder steered more towards neutral and darker colors. Varying shades of gray, black, tan, brown, burgundy, green and dark blue were incorporated into the collection as well as a couple pops of bright orange and yellow. For the most part, outfits were styled in a monochromatic manner contributing to a sophisticated feeling.

This collection presented casual wear for men as well as more formal wear. Snyder played around with the athleisure trend in this collection, updating sweatshirts and sweatpants with tailored details and more formal styling. His updates created designs that felt nothing like what you would expect from a sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants. Alongside the athleisure trend, Snyder presented several awe-inspiring velvet suits. Like color, a wide variety of textures were utilized in this collection from velvet to wovens to knits to fur to quilted textures. 

This collection also presented men's shirts, pants, sweaters and a breath-taking array of jackets and coats. Many different styles of jackets and coats were shown but the one thing that they all had in common was their classic modernity. Throughout this collection, Snyder focused on fitted silhouettes, higher necklines such as turtlenecks and the importance of pockets.

Fashion review by Tori Radday of Fashion, Trends & More. To learn more about Todd Snyder go to and @toddsnyderny.