Stello exemplified how culture impacts the fashion industry

The Stello Official Art Hearts Fashion Fall/Winter 2016 runway show exemplified how culture impacts the fashion industry. Models done up with edgy chopsticks in their hair and elaborate eye makeup strutted down the runway in designs that were definitely Asian-inspired.

The collection utilized several oriental floral inspired prints in the designs. Women's wear gowns as well as two-piece sets were shown on the runway. A unique variety of different silhouettes were shown including mermaid-style dresses and swingy bell sleeves. Due to the interesting varied silhouettes, the designs had incredible movement to them.

Interesting silhouette details such as plunging necklines, formfitting styles and slits made the collection even more intriguing. Colors varied from rich reds to edgy blacks to luxe golds to sweet lavender-grays while textures such as lace, leather and metallic were used. The colors and different textures in the collection played around with sweet versus edgy. The variety in the designs of this collection is stupendous.

Fashion review by Tori Radday of Fashion, Trends & More. To learn more about Stello Official go to and @stello.