Isabeli Fontana opened Sinesia Karol fashion show

Isabeli Fontana is highlight in the Sinesia Karol fashion show, opening and closing the 2019 summer presentation of the brand. This Spring Summer 2019 collection was inspired by the magnitude of Amazonian flora.

Karol launched her self-entitled collection focusing on both the couture design and exquisite execution of product. Enlisting in prominent Brazilian artist Ana Paula Castro to design all of her fabric art and paying close attention to only the finest qualities of lycra, silks and chiffons, she debuted a beach and swimwear line that celebrated women, their bodies and impeccable taste in couture fashion.

Upon her schooling and relocation to Boston, Massachusetts in adulthood, the designer quickly learned that women and their swimwear had a quite different culture in the United States than in Brazil. After becoming philanthropically involved in the art and fashion communities of both Boston and Brazil, she quickly learned of the market demand for a swimwear line that caters to these women: something that they feel comfortable in, while remaining high fashion yet sophisticated.

To learn more about Sinesia Karol go to and @sinesiakarol.

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