Rene Ruiz collection floated down the runway

Rene Ruiz, a Miami based designer, showcased his 2018 Resort collection at Miami Fashion week on June 3rd. Known for taking inspirations from Miami’s rich cultural heritage and blending with his own artistry creating one of a kind pieces made of his own fabrics bringing out the sensuality of today’s modern day woman.

The collection that floated down the runway was glamourous, sultry, romantic, chic, and luxurious. As each piece flowed gracefully by, those watching could see the high-end, high-quality fabrics used to create each garment.

The metallic, platinum, corn flower blue and white color palette was soft and breathtaking, adding to the details of his creations that were out of this world amazing. It is no wonder; he is the go to designer for luxury fashions, nationally and internationally. Ruiz’s fashions are immaculate and he takes high-fashion quality to the next level!

Fashion review by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about Rene Ruiz go to and @reneruiz03.