Are you a Project Runway fan?

Are you a project runway fan?  Well here are the six collections that hit the New York Fashion Week FINALE SHOW for Project Runway this past September.  The season is still filming and the finalist have yet to be announced….OR DO THEY?

Mah-Jing Wong

Designer Mah-Jing Wong from Project Runway Season 15 unleashed his latest collection for FINALE SHOW at The Arc on September 9th…Or so we think. I think it is pretty safe to say that this is his collection. It is just a guess, but if you’re a fashion fan of Mah-Jing you can spot his signature looks and work from a mile away, as he is known for his denim innovations. He creates and constructs garments with bold looks, yet simple silhouettes with beautiful hand dyed prints that turn any woman’s body shape into the much sought after hour-glass figure!  It is clear from his work that he understands the woman’s body, mind and soul and awaken their inner confidence with his creativity.

Most fashion trends come and go like a revolving door, Heidi Klum said it best “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out,” but the one constant we can always count on is the mainstay of denim. If your one of the many women who practically live in jeans, then you already understand that this is a wardrobe staple.

Mah-Jing takes your favorite pair of jeans to the next level by creating stylish, comfortable, flattering pieces that are stylish and can be worn for many years to come. It’s no surprise his collection showed up on the runway for FINALE SHOW at New York Fashion Week.

Cornelius Ortiz

The second designer’s collection to make an appearance on the Project Runway FINALE SHOW was Cornelius Ortiz.  Again just a guess, but if you are one to pay close attention to details…you would know Cornelius wears an X on the back of his jean jacket when he is designing his pieces on the show.

Cornelius is known for creating designs that are inspired by geographic and architectural landscapes…he likes to use and create with shapes.  We see him mixing prints, textures and patterns when designing his garments and he is definatly one of the standout designer on the show, as each of his pieces are unique and not something one has seen before.He has his signature look and aesthetic and that is creating textile print fabrication fusions.

The collection he brought to the Finale Show was beautiful, classic, functional, with his own little twist of fun by adding shapes and different textures to a simple gray backdrop! X-MARKS THE SPOT and we pretty certain this is Cornelius Ortiz’s collection!

Laurence Basse

The third designer that had the opportunity to showcase their designs on the NYFW runway for Project Runway’s FINALE SHOW at The Arc was Laurence Basse. Just a guess…but Laurence’s jumpsuit design was the #JustFab challenge winner and her opening look was a jumpsuit that looked oddly familiar. One may also recall her initial plan for her winning piece was to mix materials and use leather, but it didn’t work out like she hoped and envisioned. So it’s kind of refreshing to see she had the opportunity to showcase exactly what she had intended to do the first time around!

Her collection that walked the runway, as well as her garments she created on the show thus far, tend to reflect her own personal style: Tomboyish, yet has a little touch of femininity.

She has a great overall aesthetic that complements woman of all shapes and sizes and defiantly appeals to a large fashion group.Her known love for jumpsuits and signature use of leather in her pieces gave this one away!

Roberi Parra

The forth collection that hit the NYFW runway for Project Runway’s FINALE SHOW at The Arc is believed to be Roberi Parra (not Nathalia Jmag).

Rik Villa

Designer Rik Villa is believed to be the fifth collection to walk the NYFW runway for Project Runway’s FINALE SHOW at The Arc. Last week Rik blew the competition out of the water with his amazing swimsuit design using a beautiful black and white mesmerizing graphic.

The collection shown on the FINALE runway was no different and one could see Rik’s aesthetic as each piece made its way down the runway. He showcased a collection mixed with black and white graphics, primary colored leathers and stone-washed embroidered denim with a similar pattern design that Rik is known to use.

He pays close attention to details when it comes to his large prints, innovative silhouettes and accessories, like the amazing over the shoulder bag and 3D sunglasses.

We even found him paying close attention to details with his own wardrobe… Check out that pocket square Rik is wearing… just another reason to believe that this was his collection!

Erin Robertson

And finally the sixth and last collection to make its way onto the NYFW Project Runway FINALE SHOW is designer Erin Robertson. How can one forget that yellow fur jacket she made out of wigs on the very first episode! Her love for the color yellow is apparent and brings energy and happiness to her designs.

Erin’s collection lit up that FINALE runway show and was nothing short of amazing. Her designs were screaming her name as each model walked by and every single person watching was WOWed. The models were wearing translucent, colored sunglasses combined with sparkling metallic fabrics with beautiful pale pink hues that created a happy go lucky and carefree feel… exactly what Erin’s aesthetic represents.

She even had a few A-line garments that were embellished with her own handmade sequins patterns that added that special touch her already standout creations.

The dead giveaway was the last piece in her collection and had us all going BANANA’s! As soon as we saw the banana skirt and jacket ensemble appear, we know it was Erin’s collection.

Fashion review by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about Project Runway go to and @projectrunway.