PopImpressKa vibrant collection captured the hearts of those watching

Designer Olga Papkovitch showcased PopImpressKA Fall/Winter 2016 Collection entitled “Field of Colors” with Style Fashion Week at Gotham Hall on February 11th. The brand, PopImpressKA, consists of 3 words: Pop for the three-dimensional images used to create the fashion, impressionism for the artistic style to capture the feeling and/or experience of the art form, andPopKA which, in Russian, is Parrot (known for their vibrant and deep colors).

The vibrant collection that made its appearance down the runway was ultra-feminine, classy, elegant, sophisticated and captured the hearts of those watching. The models were literally a walking canvas of her original artwork, which included some very familiar famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Statue of Liberty, as well as some ICONIC religious faces of Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Saint Nicholas, that was silk screened in great detail on luxurious silk charmeuse fabrics. She even accessorized her designs with scarfs, bags and totes, which also featured her inspirational artwork.

It was impressive to see fashion and the fine-art approach mixed beautifully to create artfully printed high-fashion functional wear!  Each piece displayed on that runway was a feeling and/or an experience that Olga had encountered in her own life and she successfully inspired those watching.

Want make an inspirational fashion statement?  Add a one-of-a-kind design from Olga’s “Field of Colors”collection to your wardrobe.  Guaranteed to make you feel comfortable, confident, and give you a positive outlook on life.

Fashion review by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about PopImpressKa go to popimpresskajournal.org and @popimpresska.