Art Hearts Fashion | Miami Swim Week 2016

Art Hearts Fashion | Miami Swim Week 2016

Swimwear is one of the many delights for fashionistas/fashionmistas and showing skin is still in... even for those that have to endure the colder months. Everyone loves a fashion forward swimsuit to sport at the beach, hang with friends by the pool or even make that fashion statement on social media!

Koco Blaq

Koco Blaq gave a warm welcome and gave those watching a little taste of paradise with his new Island collection. The collection was full of vivid colors, standout textures and patterns that radiated the beauty of tropical islands. His designs were striking, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, yet ideal.

These are pieces that can be worn year round for any occasion. The elements of his swimwear showcased true beauty and will be the go to swimwear of the season.

Bella Mar Swimwear

Bella Mar Swimwear collection was the modern-day swimwear collection and a staple piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Her designs are great because you are able to mix and match her pieces to create your own unique look with her designs or with other pieces in your own closet.

The collection was sexy chic, fun expressive and made you want to go lounge on the boat with friends or relax poolside drinking a Piña colada.

Mister Triple X

Designer Erik Rosete's collection was a favorite of the night and his added accessories said it all.... "WANTED"! Mister Triple X put out an amazing classic, yet sexy with a metallic flare that left you WANTING to buy a pair of shorts for your man and a suit for yourself.

His use of colors, craftsmanship and details always capture the attention of the fashion fans. His statement pieces are unique and never let the fashion world down.

Elie Madi

Elie Madi's crystal and ice collection was the show stopper and highlight of Swim Miami 2016. The collection sparkled its way down that runway and the movement of the handcrafted beadwork dangling left those watching speechless! The designs and textiles used might not be the typical swimsuit you would wear to the beach, but these pieces are pretty amazing and are defiantly a pool party fashion statement that would have your friends in AWE wanting to know where you bought your swimwear!

Fashion review by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about Swim Miami go to