Ordinary people presented designs with a high focus on silhouette and color

The Concept Korea: Ordinary People men's collection shown at NYFW for Fall/Winter 2016 presented designs with a high focus on silhouette and color. Through the strong use of these design elements, a hip sense of luxury was created with the collection.

The collection utilized both oversized silhouettes and fitted silhouettes, giving it a unique variety of different silhouettes. There was also an emphasis on the collars in this collection. In particular, the collars on the jackets and coats in this collection grabbed the viewers' attention due to the definition, color-blocking and use of texture in the collars.

A wide variety of neutral colors such as navy, black, gray, tan and cream were used in this collection. However, there were also several pops of color present throughout the collection including a deep teal, vibrant burnt orange and a pastel peachy-pink. These pops of color added a retro feeling to the collection. Like the varied use of silhouettes, the varied use of color made this collection very aesthetically interesting.

Subtle prints were also incorporated into this collection such as a versatile leopard print and a city skyline print. Rimmed glasses and sunglasses worn by the models strutting down the runway contributed to the slightly retro mood of the collection. However, modern silhouettes and fresh design details kept the designs hip.

Fashion review by Tori Radday of Fashion, Trends & More. To learn more about Ordinary people go to ordinarypeople.co.kr and @ordinarypeople_official.