Liliana Montoya bringing summer to romance our senses

Liliana Montoya Swim on July 23rd launched 2018 Mahiladiva “Island of Women” Collection inspired by the unique paradise island of the Maldives.

This special collection draws inspiration from the ocean, corals, fish, seaweed, landscapes, and scale patterns; helping every woman feel beautiful and transforming them into a mermaid, bringing the legend of mermaids to life, as the women of the sea who emerge from the bottom of the ocean enchanting the sailors around the world.

Rethink the boundaries of your imagination as to what you believe a one piece swimsuit and a bikini should look like, because Mermaids by LILIANA MONTOYA Swim has done so. You’ll find yourself dancing on the water’s edge in this fun, beautiful, and individually handcrafted multicolored and textured line.

Whether wearing onepiece or bikini By Liliana Montoya at the beach or poolside, you can fully expect all eyes to be on you. To learn more about Liliana Montoya go to and @lilianamontoyaswim.