Francesca Liberatore focused her attention on the lines

It's not often that a designer focuses on the element of line as the central design point of a collection. However, in Francesca Liberatore's NYFW Fall/Winter 2016 women's collection, she did just that. She focused her attention on the lines in her designs by utilizing subtle striped prints, quilted fabrics, long zippers and line-centered details.

For her collection, she primarily used neutral colors such as black and tan. She steered away from distracting prints and focused more on line and silhouette. By sticking to a neutral color palette and turning away from prints, she was able to showcase her interesting use of line. However, there were a few pops of color in her collection including a striking red and aquatic teal. These pops of color kept the collection from being dull and added dimensionality to the collection.

Besides focusing on silhouette and line, she also focused on using a variety of different textures from fur to leather to sheer chiffon. The use of varying textures created a sort of edgy appeal to the collection. Overall, this sophisticated collection couldn't have been more modern and Francesca Liberatore is definitely a designer to keep an eye on.

Fashion review by Tori Radday of Fashion, Trends & More. To learn more about Francesca Liberatore go to and @francescaliberatoreofficial.