David Tupaz made a High-Fashion BOLD statement at Style Fashion Week New York

David Tupaz made a High-Fashion BOLD statement at Style Fashion Week New York

David Tupaz showcased his Fall/Winter 2016 collection, “Tribute to Elegance”, with Style Fashion Week at Gotham Hall on Valentines Day, February 14th during New York Fashion Week. The Filipino designer, known for his Haute Couture one-of-a-kind pieces, is a sure standout from other couture designers because he not only pushes the envelope with his designs, he also has a true passion for fashion with great attention to details.

The pieces that made their way down the runway were clearly crafted of the most luxurious materials and meant to make a High-Fashion BOLD statement… AND they did just that! Those watching were finding themselves picking their jaw up off the floor as each model passed adorned with these elegant designs.

You won’t find these gorgeous garments hanging on a rack. David specifically designs for those wanting a one-of-a-kind Haute Couture piece to add to their wardrobe. This particular collection exhibited classic elegance and femininity with his signature tailored professional twist. They really showcased the grace and style of what David’s design style embodies.

His couture pieces are no stranger to red carpet events such as the Emmy’s,  Golden Globes, Oscars and the Grammy’s.   You may have even seen some of his signature pieces worn on the red carpet by some very familiar famous faces such as: Kris Kardashian and Bruce Jenner, Martin Sheen, Tonya and Alan Thicke, Patti Austin, Julia Roberts, Mitzy Kapture, Lisa Rinna, Diane Von Furstenberg, CSI Miami’s Sofia Milos, to name a few! He is also a YouTube star, just google his name and you will find how popular he is the fashion industry.

David is the go-to designer if you are wanting someone passionate about the art, culture and history of fashion.  He is not just a fashion designer, he is a fashion couture dream-maker that is not afraid to think outside the box and create a show-stopping one-of-a-kind piece that will allow for you to showcase your own personal Haute Couture style to the world.

Fashion review by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about David Tupaz go to davidtupaz.com