Live art by Black Tape Project and Candice Cuoco

Black Tape Project and Candice Cuoco presented their latest creations with Art Hearts Fashion on Sep 9th 2018. Art Hearts Fashion is a leading platform for designers and artists to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting.

Black Tape Project

A self-taught photographer, artist, and a pioneer of the Genre Body Tape art Joel is the creator of the Black Tape Project. The designs saw the use of tape carefully covering the models’ modesty in a variety of bondage-style ensembles.

It's an intimate but precise process. Creativity on the edge of provocative lines. The power of skin has been captivating man kind since it's creation. 

To learn more about Black Tape project go to and @blacktapeproject.

Candice Cuoco

From her fierce style, to her unshakable tenacity, to her stubborn personality, Candice Cuoco is a walking embodiment of her edgy fashion philosophy. Her seductive, high-end leather garments embody her own personal style.

To learn more about Candice Cuoco go to and @candicecuoco.