Behind The Scenes | Uomo Moderno Unconventional

Behind The Scenes | Uomo Moderno Unconventional

Just before the debut of Ballando Nights on Friday, June 24, we did a photoshoot for the next issue of Uomo Moderno magazine, which will be entitled "Unconventional" at Sanatorium NYC.

Models were dressed in gladiator inspired clothing by Clio Sage, which she constructed out of unconventional materials through a process of laser cutting. Clio is a graduate of Architecture at Barnard College, Columbia University, and applies her technical spatial skills to artistic mediums, primarily fashion design.

Photographer | Mikhail Veter @mikhailveter
Model | Elizabeth Mateer @elizabethmateer, Penny Wren, Lu Jasper
Designer | Clio Sage @cliosage
Art Director | Pietro Filipponi @poni_boy
Magazine | Francesco Di Maio @uomomoderno
Make-up/Hair | Giovanni Giuntoli and Maria Baez @tearsheets
Videographer | Marcin Kulesza
Place | Sanatorium NYC @sanatoriumnyc

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