Art Hearts Fashion NYFW Spring 2017

Art Hearts Fashion New York showcased amazing designers at Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 11-15, 2016.

Mister Triple X

Designer Erik Rosete founder of Art Hearts Fashion unleashed his Mister Triple X Spring/Summer ’17 designs at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 14th. Along with Erik’s runway collection, L.A.M.B eyewear by Gwen Stefani was featured and was the highlight of the evening! It was defiantly HAUTE on that runway and had those watching breathing heavy as each model walked by.

Erik is always pushing the envelope with his fashions and sets the bar high each season. The collection he put out on the runway this season was by far a favorite. His dare to wear fashions defiantly caused a ruckus as he was the talk of the town for weeks following his NYFW show.

The collection included wearable high-end street wear that was edgy, sexy, bold, trendsetting, kinky and is sure to get one noticed when wearing these designs. Erik stuck with his signature of dark moody colors with beautiful vintage inspired fabrics mixed in with bold unforgettable patterns creating a rock star vibe. This collection was too HAUTE to handle!

Ibrahim Vukel

Designer Ibrahim Vukel revealed his new Spring/Summer ’17 collection with Art Hearts Fashion at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 12th. The new collection made a stylish, yet romantic entrance with its combination of covered and sheer fabric pieces. The covered and sheer statement makes them simultaneously demure and sexy - perfect for that special occasion.

As soon as his designs hit the runway it created an air of mystery with how he perfectly incorporated the illusion look with different shapes and textures. The collection was sexy, daring, and played a game of peek-a-boo with those watching.

The illusion trend is a great choice for those that want to look elegant, classic and sophisticated, all while still allowing that sexy to shine through. All and all, his pieces are very versatile, almost any shape can pull off these looks, as it give those wearing it the illusion of a perfect body!

Hale Bob

New York Fashion Week, with Art Hearts Fashion, opened with designer Hale Bob showcasing his new Spring/Summer ’17 collection on September 12th at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. The bar was set high as these pieces hit the runway putting you under their spell with their beautiful, unique one-of-a-kind prints and beautiful silhouettes.

The pieces that slayed the runway were breathtaking, exclusive and all made of 100% silk, a fabric that can be worn all year as it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Hale Bob’s new collection really captured the essence of a woman’s femininity and transformed the new trends for the upcoming season.

The off the shoulder flowy maxi dresses and fitted jumpsuits were sexy, comfortable, sophisticated, distinctive and fashion forward. The collection took fashion to the next level creating a glamorous one of a kind printed look that will give those wearing the pieces confidence to go about their daily lives.

House of Byfield

Designer Carmichael Byfield of House of Byfield, showcased his Spring/Summer ’17 collection with Art Hearts Fashion at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 13th. Known for his brightly colored and bold statement pieces, he once again gave his signature look, but this time wanted to spread peace and love with his fashion.

This season’s collection that hit the runway was inspired by “Peace”. Each model walked out with brightly colored pieces made up of oranges, yellows, and red printed fabrics. Those watching could feel Carmichael’s love for fashion and his want to spread peace to the world. Bright colors come from nature, and nature gifts us serenity, peacefulness, and an open and clear mind, exactly what Carmichael brought to the runway with this amazing collection.

Every piece that made its way down the runway was classic, once again BOLD, comfortable, high-fashion, yet practice and functional and could be worn right off the runway. Carmichael stays true to himself and never steers away from his globally known trademark of beautiful fabric prints used in multiple styles. He defiantly fascinates and takes fashion to an entirely whole nother level!

House of Byfield collaborated with some amazing designers of accessories to showcase the new line. They are as follows: Carat23 (Handbags) / Molinis (Accessory for Shoes). All exceptionally beautiful and unique.

Fashion reviews by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about Art Hearts Fashion go to