Adolfo Sanchez is known for his fresh off the look, ready to wear, contemporary designs

The Los Angeles based fashion designer, Adolfo Sanchez, showcased his latest collection with Art Hearts Fashion for LA Fashion week. Adolfo is known for his fresh off the look, ready to wear, contemporary designs.

The collection that hit the runway was nothing short of creative, feminine, sexy and different. His creations included his signature beautiful leather fabrics, cashmere fur trimmed grey suit jackets with dangling sparkling beads, black fringe accent cocktails, and silk taffeta gowns with sexy silhouettes, some even sheer!

The finale piece was the sure shocker of the night. A winter gown? Who would have ever thought? The bright red "Winter Outerwear Gown" was a real twist on the same old glamour gown to hit the runway. It was genius and the idea will sure spread like wild fire with other designers. All though the gown was made of outerwear fabrics, it appeared to be light and airy as model, Ava Capra from America's Next Top Model, swung the skirt around freely as she turned to make her way back down the runway. All in all, the collection was very glamorous and had a rock in roll feel!

Fashion reviews by Tiffany Konecko of A MOM IN HAUTE PURSUIT. To learn more about Adolfo Sanchez go to and @asanchezfashion.