Freelancer #blondlovefashion

Freelancer #blondlovefashion

Born and raised in Siberia, Mikhail moved to Moscow after receiving Ph.D in Computer Science. In Moscow he attended workshops by some of the best Russian photographers who changed his view on photography.

After living in Moscow for short period of time he relocated to New York working for international Tech company. When his son Daniel was born Mikhail decided to take a break. Always dreaming to work in fashion industry Mikhail started to assist professional photographers learning how to organize fashion shoots and started to shoot editorials for magazines.

He loved to watch Fashion TV and never thought that he will photograph New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Miami Swim and Los Angeles Fashion shows. Everyday reading fashion blogs, watching Project Runway and Fashion TV non-stop he started to learn fashion trends, watch latest campaigns and recognize creative directors.

Another dream come true when Mikhail with family moved to San Francisco, CA. He is working in leading Tech company in entertainment industry and spending all his free time and vacation days photographing fashion shows around the world.

The best ways to contact Mikhail are sending him DM in Instagram @mikhailveter or drop him email:

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